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« on: November 14, 2017, 04:16:17 am »
This forums operates under an 18+ set of guidelines.  The game is based in a cyberpunk universe in which crime is rampant, murder is common and drug use is the norm despite the best efforts of the law.

We will be lenient on people speaking provided we view it as in character and will judge posts on a case by case bases and within the context of why they were posted in the role play sections of the forum.  However, we have a few hard rules we expect to be followed and shall be enforced.

  • Be considerate with your language.  Swearing is not completely banned, but don't go over the top, use some common sense.
  • English only unless in a specified non English board (should one be created).
  • No real life politics. In-game politics are fine, actually we welcome them.
    • Do not spam, and by that, we mean posting the same or similar posts constantly, or posts that are irrelevant or advertising. "Bumping" is also considered spam.
    • Do not post massive images that are not related to the game or thread.  This is not 4chan, and it is also considerate of those who have not joined us in having broadband.
  • Do not use all capitals.  We consider it shouting and it is not necessary.
  • No hacking and illegal activity, including torrents and illegal downloads.  The last thing we need is the law pestering us for no reason.
  • Do not post inappropriate material. Use some common sense on what is inappropriate.
  • We will enforce by the spirit of these rules, not the letter.


  • Punishments will take the forum of the following.
  • Infraction, of which multiple ones will lead to a ban.
  • Restriction of posting in certain sections.
  • Restriction of view of certain sections.
  • Temporary ban.
  • Full ban.

We will dish out punishments as we see necessary.  This is a dictatorship, not a democracy.  A benign dictatorship, but dictatorship non the less.
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